Saturday Campaign

Session 1

It all begins in a Tavern...

As always, our adventure begins in a tavern, but not in the usual way…

As these seemingly unconnected characters sit in the bar, the bartender’s help, Aaron Bose, goes into the back room and is suddenly and violently flung out to solidly hit the opposite wall and slump to the floor, unconcious.

Then everyone except for the PC’s disappear. Looking outside of the tavern reveals that the tavern in floating in empty space.

The door to the back room is shrouded with dark mist. Having no other choice, the characters decide to go investigate.

In the back room, the players find a puzzle with a painting of a minotaur, a shadow minotaur, and a locked door. The players solve the puzzle and unlock the locked door.

Suddenly the players are sitting back in the main room of the tavern, and everything is back to normal. Some men are healing Aaron of his minor wounds.


kindledflames kindledflames

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